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Wives Creampie

Huge Wives Creampie“Oh, yes, honey, can you see Bills hard dick filling me up with wives creampie?” she taunted, her smirking, open mouth smile and wandering tongue portraying her craving lust for me to ejaculate. “You like watching me take his hard dick, don’t you honey? You’re going to shoot your load watching me get it good from my hot lover, aren’t you?!”

“Oh, honey, you look so sexy”, I moaned,” I can feel my balls tightening up just watching you getting fucked”.

“Yea, it feels so good.” she continued, “Oh, yes, that slippery dick is so thick and long. I can’t wait to see you gush with excitement. Come on, honey, cream for me. You know you want to eat wives creampie for me, don’t you”.

Enjoying Wives CreampieWith that, I lost control of my body and it began to serve up the delicious creamy semen that I so loved to eat for my sexy wife. After a few spurts and her calls of “yes, yes, oh, that’s so good”, I regained enough consciousness to begin licking it from my hand and scoping it up to my mouth so I could suck it all down.

“Umm,” I groaned, and with that Susan began to convulse in an incredible climax. All she could say was “Ahhh, ahh” as she bucked and spasmed and contracted. Her body drove Bills into action, sucking his wives creampie from deep inside him to deep inside her. But some of it did stick to her vagina walls and lips and his dick and balls.

Best Wives CreampieIn a couple of minutes, she said, “come here and lick him clean while my clit cools off a moment”. I went back to the couch and lavished his cream covered cock with slurps and sucks, using my tongue to swipe it into larger globs before sucking it up with my lips. It was great, and I knew I was soon to get more and more concentrated wives creampie from my her wondrous cunt.

She was well skilled in squeezing her pussy's muscles, so she could ooze out just enough wives creampie to keep me lapping at her cunt lips for a long time. And she usually did. She couldn’t get enough of my creampie eating, and made sure it lasted long enough for bill to get rested and worked up for a second round. I loved to lap leisurely at her luscious lips of love, lingering on every offering she urged from inside her. It was like getting to have a guy come in your mouth for 30 minutes at a time. The best of both worlds.

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